Wittaker’s Strategy – When Casino Restrictions Prevent Recouping

In this article, we will get acquainted with a sort of exotic roulette betting system like the Wittaker strategy. The community, we note, could not come to any unified conclusions regarding this system. Supporters of one camp argue that Wittaker does not give any profit, while others argue that the strategy allows you to win good money with little risk.

Actually, as in any other case, no one will give you a 100% chance of winning (and if someone gives and offers his own strategy, run from there as quickly as possible, in front of you is a scammer). But Wittaker’s strategy will be able to diversify the scr99sg gameplay for sure.

In principle, this strategy can be compared to the classic d’Alembert system, it is an interesting choice for those with a small bankroll. The bottom line is very simple – if you lose, the size of the bets increases. But here, to increase the rate, you must use the developed formula, which looks like this:

x = (x-2) + (x-1).

So, the combinations (x-2) and (x-1) are the rates in the previous games, and the number x is the equivalent of your current rate. Thus, if you were preceded by 2 losses, if you win, you compensate for these 2 unsuccessful spins. At the same time, obeying the combination (x-1), in case of winning, the size of the bet must be reduced by 1.

Actually, it’s time to give a live example that will allow the reader to better understand the essence of this algorithm. Let’s say we are betting $ 1 each.

  1. The first bet is losing – we lose $ 1.

  2. The second bet is also a losing one – the losses are already $ 3, since we increased the bet earlier.

  3. The third bet is $ 3. Total losses in case of defeat – $ 6.

  4. The fourth spin brings in $ 5 as we increased the bets using the formula. Accordingly, losses are reduced to $ 1.

  5. Another winning spin brings us $ 3 profit and we are in total profit by $ 2.

Only 5 throws, and less than half of them were winning, bring us a net win of $ 2. Thus, we should win less than 50% of the time.

Always Remember The Basic Rules

Do not overlook the fact that the Wittaker strategy can be applied only in the short term. If you are looking for an effective combination that gives you the ability to consistently withdraw very large pots in casinos, gambling may not be for you, since such strategies do not exist and you are very susceptible to gambling addiction.

By the way, regulars of gambling establishments argue that it is also not recommended to bet on equal rates, since a very large bankroll is needed to compensate for the losses. According to an alternative point of view, betting on equal amounts increases the chance of winning, therefore, it is impossible to treat this situation in a unified manner.

So, today the Wittaker system is very popular, but you cannot discount the restrictions that are in any casino. For example, if you made 5 throws and all of them were unsuccessful, then, most likely, the casino restrictions will work and you simply will not be able to place the required bet size.

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